Cyborg Speaks Out — ‘Ronda needs to be a better role model, not a bully… She doesn’t want this fight’

By bjpenndotcom - October 15, 2015

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On the most recent episode of the popular MMA podcast ‘The Brutally Honest Show,’ the guys spent some time speaking with Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg.

Cyborg recently went on a Facebook rant about how UFC president Dana White and bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey are bullies and hypocritical, making fun of her and saying things about her looks, when Rousey’s telling people not to call her fat.

Cyborg was asked about the situation and the Invicta FC champ explained what prompted the post. She said that although it’s old, she just watched the video of White making fun of her and felt that it was extremely disrespectful and mean.

Check it out!

“She can not say anything. The video Dana White did and made fun of me is old, but I just watched it last week.

I really think it’s disrespectful and he never tries to promote a fight between me and Ronda, he tries to make fun of me and and opens the doors for other girls to do the same. People make fun of me and laugh.”

Cyborg says that the UFC champ is always talking bad about other people  and that she should realize  that she’s a role model to little girls, who see her being a ‘bully.’

“Ronda’s always doing interviews and talking bad about somebody. She talks bad about other girls in the UFC, about Mayweather and his domestic violence and I think you have to look at yourself before diss somebody.”

“Everybody looks at her as an example. A lot of little girls –– I hope she realizes that she’s an example and a lot of people see her when she does something like this.”

“Yeah, she’s doing this [being a bully] to a lot of people. She just says good about her, not about other people.”

The Invicta FC champ also talked about her experience with drug testing, having failed once in the past, and said that she’s learned since then and is just doing her best to improve.

“No I learned. I did one year where I could not fight and I learned. You learn from mistakes and I can not judge nobody. I’m trying to get better”

Finally Cyborg said what a lot of fans are thinking, saying that she believes that Rousey simply doesn’t want to fight her, ever.

“I don’t think she wants this fight.”

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