Neil Magny pens letter to UFC roster urging fighters to look out for each other

Neil Magny

This past weekend, UFC fighters congregated in Las Vegas for a weekend with their peers at the first ever UFC Athletes Retreat. The event was certainly quite an interesting one, that saw two fighters involved in an altercation, an Anheuser-Busch rep allegedly present to the athletes drunk, and UFC lightweight Kajan Johnson calling out a Reebok rep in what ultimately resulted in a positive discussion between the UFC and its fighters.

At one point during the retreat, UFC welterweight Neil Magny had an epiphany. He promptly attempted to pass through the proper channels in order to be allowed on stage with a microphone, however after Snoop Dogg and his security detail arrived, Magny wasn’t allowed to take the stage before the iconic rapper performed.

Neil Magny

Neil Magny has since released his letter to MMAFighting in hopes of convincing his fellow fighters to support one another rather than trash talk each other outside of the cage.

“First I want to thank the UFC staff for working so hard to put this event together. Thank you guys, we really appreciate all you do.

“Second, I want to address fighter issues. We don’t need a group of fancy lawyers to speak for us, we need to speak up for one another. There are deals in place that may not please everyone and there’s not much we all can do about it. Instead of bitching about the things we can’t change, let’s work on the things that we can control within our reach. There are about 300 of us here this weekend posting about this athlete retreat on social media. By the end of the weekend, our posts will have reached millions of people.

“What if we all came together to support our colleagues the same way? If, say, Matt Brown has an idea, how well will it do if we supported it? And when the next guy has an idea, we support him or her? Let’s stop beating each other down outside of the cage and start helping each other.”

Neil Magny

This article first appeared on on 5/26/2017.

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