VIDEO | Nate Diaz: ‘I don’t want to fight, at all’

Now that Nate Diaz is more popular than ever, fans are surely wanting to see him in action as often as physically possible. However, the UFC veteran has already set himself up in life so that he doesn’t even have to fight in the Octagon anymore. Diaz recently stated that he could easily “make just as much money outside of the ring as in the ring.”

In this recent interview with BT Sport, Diaz talks about how the UFC 202 rematch came about with Conor McGregor and how the younger Diaz brother claims that he doesn’t even want to fight to fight anymore, but is willing to do so for the right reasons.

“Well I didn’t want to fight him [Conor McGregor] again,” Diaz said when asked about wanting a rematch (at 2:40 of the video). “He wanted to fight me and they [ the UFC] wanted the fight and I didn’t want the fight. I don’t want to fight, at all.”

See Diaz’s reasoning behind not wanting to fight in this eye-opening interview with the product of Stockton, California.