Nate Diaz blasts Dustin Poirier after UFC 270 fight fizzles: ‘ufc don’t wanna pay for u dp sorry u suck’

PhotoCred: Drake Riggs

Nate Diaz has blasted Dustin Poirier after their UFC 270 fight has fizzled.

After Poirier was submitted by Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title at UFC 269 he wasn’t sure what would be next for him. However, he said the one fight that he would be interested in was to fight Diaz.

“When I’ve been laying down thinking about fights, nothing gets me excited — unless Nate Diaz wants to fight,” Poirier said on The MMA Hour. “If he wants to fight, that gets me excited. But all these other guys like even the new guys, and whoever it is, maybe a name will [get me excited] whenever I hear it, but nothing [right now].”

Shortly after that, Diaz called him out to fight at UFC 270 in January which Poirier also expressed interest in. However, on Friday, “The Diamond” took to social media to say the fight will not happen at UFC 270 but he hopes it’ll take place at UFC 271.

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“Maybe UFC 271 they couldn’t make it happen on 270. I said yes,” Poirier wrote.

Although Dustin Poirier says he said yes, Nate Diaz also took to Twitter to blast The Diamond as he says the UFC didn’t want to pay much money for the fight.

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“The ufc don’t wanna pay for u dp sorry u suck Loser,” Diaz added.

Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier have had a rivalry for years now. The two were supposed to fight at UFC 230 but both men claim the other pulled out of the scrap. Since then, the two have taken shots at one another and many thought they would end up fighting. Yet, according to Diaz, the money is not right and as of right now, they won’t be fighting at UFC 270. But, as Poirier writes, he hopes the fight can happen at UFC 271 in February.

What do you make of Nate Diaz blasting Dustin Poirier?

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