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VIDEO | Mike Perry involved in bar fight, caught dropping man with punch

UFC welterweight Mike Perry was allegedly involved in a recent bar fight that was captured on video and posted and social media.

Twitter user @MMAEejit posted the video on his social media on Wednesday night. The user added that the video was from last night, though we don’t know for sure when the incident in question took place. It’s worth noting in the video that Perry has a “Fight Island” t-shirt on.

Check out the Perry video for yourself and see what you think about it.


Perry appears to get involved in an argument with someone in the bar which leads to him walk towards the exit. His girlfriend Latory Gonzalez urges Perry to leave the bar, but he refuses to do so and asks the other patrons if they are calling the police. He asks the other man if they touched him, which the man denies, and which his girlfriend says he was trying to calm him down. There is a whole lot of commotion going on.

Perry then says the patrons will tell the police he touched the man, then calls a man a “fat motherf*cker” and a “fat piece of sh*t” and then appears to drop the man with a punch. Perry then yells “back up n*gger” several times, and screams a lot more. He then yells at his girlfriend and says that she isn’t “on his side.” It’s a terrible scene to watch.

While the facts for this story are still developing, it’s no doubt a terrible look for Perry, who is coming off of a big win over Mickey Gall at the recent UFC on ESPN 12 event. Perry became a popular meme on social media after the fight for his complaints against the taxman, but it appears as though he will have much bigger fish to fry with authorities based on what we saw in this video.

The UFC has yet to comment on the matter but you can expect a statement soon considering how quickly this video is making the rounds on social media.

What do you think the UFC will do with Mike Perry after seeing this video?

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