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Report | Mike Perry allegedly assaulted three individuals, could face theft charges

Mike Perry allegedly assaulted three individuals at a restaurant and could also reportedly face theft charges.

Yesterday, a video was released of the welterweight punching an older man.

Twitter user @MMAEejit posted the video on his social media, showing Perry arguing with a woman as he left the restaurant. The incident escalated as the 28-year old began an argument with an older man. He ultimately punched the man in the face, dropping him to the floor. In the clip, he is also seen shouting racial slurs and goading witnesses to call the police.

Watch the full video below.

Now, the Lubbock, Texas police have confirmed that Mike Perry was involved in an alleged assault at the Table 82 restaurant at approximately 10:30 pm on July 7. According to TMZ, Perry had been ordering berry Mojitos at the location and was asked to leave by a restaurant employee. He allegedly retaliated by punching the member of staff in the eye. The employee reportedly suffered injuries from the incident.

Perry trained for his last fight, a win over Mikey Gall, in Texas. It is also the home of his girlfriend, Latory Gonzalez who was alleged to be at the restaurant with him at the time of the incident. Both Perry and his girlfriend have remained silent on the matter. In fact, the welterweight fighter posted “no comment,” to his Twitter account.

According to TMZ, another witness claimed that the UFC fighter struck a woman at the bar. The individual was reportedly identified as a friend of his girlfriend and it is unclear if she sustained an injury from the incident.

The police have since confirmed that three people suffered an alleged assault and that the man who was filmed being punched was left unconscious. A witness confirmed that the victim hit his head off the concrete as he fell to the floor.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. According to TMZ, he later spoke to police but could not remember much about the punch or incident. He was reported to be suffering from memory problems sustained from the attack.

In addition, Mike Perry apparently left the establishment without paying his bill. The restaurant is considering pursuing a theft charge against him as a result. They confirmed one of the victims of the attack was their employee, but preferred not to comment any further.

A rep for the restaurant said, “Pending the criminal investigation, we prefer not to comment further because one of the victims was an employee of our company who had asked Mr. Perry to leave.”

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