Michael Chandler says the UFC cut out his reply to Conor McGregor in viral “You’ll do what you’re told” clip on TUF 31

By Harry Kettle - June 1, 2023

Michael Chandler has claimed that the UFC cut out his reply to Conor McGregor during their opening exchange on The Ultimate Fighter.

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler

Earlier this week, the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter officially aired. It begins the TUF journey for McGregor and Chandler, with the expectation being that the two will collide towards the end of the year. When they do, it will mark Conor’s first appearance inside the Octagon for over two years.

We’re all expecting to see some tension between the two throughout the course of the season. After all, Conor is the ultimate trash-talker, and Chandler has never been one to back down from a fight.


In the opening episode, we saw the two meet with Conor, at one point, telling Michael “You’ll do what you’re told,” regarding a weight class for their showdown. While ‘Iron Mike’ didn’t have anything to say in the footage, it seems as if there’s more to the story.

“That first scene man that obviously, that made the promo where he said ‘You’ll do what you’re told,'” Chandler began. “It’s time to, you know, just- I guess express that now that it’s out and everybody just watched it. I don’t quite know if I didn’t have a comeback… The way they cut it, it was just me like this, you know, tapping on my chin with no, you know.”

Chandler’s McGregor story

“So, this is the beauty too of us being here. We just got to watch it together, we are now reacting in real time right now. We hit record as soon as we got done watching the show and then now hopefully y’all are now joining us right after watching the show. And you’re seeing my first reaction and this won’t be the first time I think that’s definitely not how it happened in real life, yeah, that’s how they cut it. But this is what we’ve signed up for and this is a beautiful thing.”

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