Michael Bisping absolutely destroys “piece of sh*t” Joshua Fabia

Michael Bisping

UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping absolutely destroyed Diego Sanchez’s former manager Joshua Fabia in the latest edition of his podcast.

It was revealed last week that Sanchez had severed ties with Fabia just a few weeks after “The Nightmare” was cut by the UFC. With Sanchez letting go of Fabia, his former manager and coach went on another podcast and directed numerous shots at Sanchez, accusing him of using him for the past two years and suggesting that Sanchez is addicted to drugs.

Bisping heard the comments that Fabia made and he’s not happy about him. Just a few weeks after Bisping blasted the “toxic” Fabia, he went after him again on his podcast “Believe You Me,” where he absolutely destroyed Fabia for the way he treated Sanchez.

“He’s sitting there, he’s trying to be passive-aggressive, he’s talking about basically saying that [Diego’s] got a one-bedroom apartment but he’s got a child, so he’s making little connotations there about him as a father, which is disgusting. He’s talking about substance abuse issues and if he has a problem—Again, that’s disgusting. That’s private information between them two, never gonna share that. Talking stuff about him having special education needs and things like that, I don’t know,” Michael Bisping Bisping said (via Alexander K. Lee of MMAFighting.com).

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“What this guy did to Diego’s career and to end up losing him his job and then for him now to come out and talk all this sh*t when Diego was so loyal to him and had his back and even cut off members of his own family and lost his place in the UFC that he had for a long time. And for him to come out there, do this, so quickly as well? It just shows this guy is a real piece of sh*t.”

It will be interesting to see if Fabia responds to Bisping’s comments, but at this point, it feels like the entire MMA community is hoping that Fabia moves on to do something else.

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