Danny Sabatello expects bantamweights to duck him after his “dominant” win over Brett Johns

Danny Sabatello
Image Credit: Bellator

Danny Sabatello knew he would be able to beat Brett Johns and would do it with ease.

At Bellator 259, Sabatello – a former Contender Series winner – stepped up on just five days’ notice to face Johns. Entering the fight, Sabatello told BJPENN.com he expected to dominate the fight and he believes he did just that.

“Aside from not getting the finsih, it was a picture-perfect performance. Again, that is how I thought the fight would play out,” Sabatello said to BJPENN.com. “My style is not a good one for him, as we have similar fighting styles, the problem is, I’m just a way better wrestler. I figured I’d be able to take him down and going into that third round, I didn’t want to leave anything open so I got another takedown and sealed the deal. It was a dominant performance from me.”

Sabatello used his wrestling to control the fight and knows the win over Johns was his coming-out-party.

Danny Sabatello
Image Credit: Danny Sabatello’s Instagram

“It’s massive, a win over Brett Johns is huge for me as it proves I’m as good as I’ve been saying I am,” Sabatello said. “Not only did I beat the guy, but I beat him on five days’ notice and dominated that motherf****r. It just shows that Sabatello is here and I’m coming for the belt and plan to dominate everyone that way, too.”

After the win, the goal for Danny Sabatello is to fight again soon and build off the momentum of this win. He knows he has to strike while the iron is hot, and hopes to return in the summer.

“I’m hoping ASAP. I’m a fighter that likes to fight and I want to fight in August if I can get something soon,” Sabatello said.

When he does return, Sabatello says he’s unsure who will be next. He likes the idea of fighting Jornel Lugo or Josh Hill next. However, he says he believes he knows the bantamweight division will try and duck him until they are forced to fight him.

“I expect to be top-five after that dominant win, but who the f**k knows. I’m just focused on the belt. I have called out Jornel Lugo and Josh Hill but it’s crickets from both of them. It’s what makes sense to me because the top of the division won’t fight me,” Sabatello said. “Mix and Gallagher are supposed to fight, but they are both p*****s. I just want a ranked opponent but I know it will be hard. I’m a stylistic nightmare for everyone at bantamweight and I fully expect them to start ducking me. Sooner or later they will be forced to fight me but they will run as long as they can.”

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