Max Holloway explains why he criticized Conor McGregor for his Burger King commercial

Max Holloway

Over the last few weeks UFC featherweight champ Max Holloway has engaged in some fiery social media exchanges with former UFC featherweight champ Conor McGregor – the last man he lost to. And while McGregor initiated most of the pair’s exchanges, Holloway did shoot first on one occasion, poking fun at McGregor for his recent Burger King commercial.

“You went from King of Ireland to King of ‘chicken’?” Holloway said in his Tweet. “Looking forward to the two strips meal coming April 7. PS Shout out to the real fighting Irish. The ones who value whats in heart before whats on waist. Hawaii respects you and welcomes you with open arms.”

Speaking to MMAJunkie this week, Holloway explained what compelled him to go after McGregor for his Burger King commercial.

“He’s been taking shots at me,” Holloway said. “Go tell all his fans, tell the whole world that he’s been taking shots at me. Then the one time he throws an underhand pitch – that’s a juicy ball, that chicken thing – no one was going to take it up? You’re crazy if you think ‘Blessed’ is going to let that slide. Your boy is going to slide in and let you know.”

“This guy’s been picking on me. It’s like the school ground when you’re at school. If you ever get bullied, when you get sick of it, you turn around and you punch the bully in the face, and they don’t say anything. That’s what happened. It’s all right. I could not let that slide. I was giving a chance to everyone. No one was doing it, so ‘Blessed’ was going in.”

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This article first appeared on on 3/19/2018.

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