VIDEO | Matt Brown Joins Youtube Star for Funny “Fight Me” Prank

With 12 knockout wins and 6 submission victories to his name, UFC welterweight Matt Brown is a scary, scary dude. The thought of having to partake in a street fight with the brick-fisted MMA star is absolutely terrifying.

A street fight with Brown is precisely what people think they’re in for in the newest prank video from YouTube star Roman Atwood. You can watch this hilarious video at the top of this post.

The format for this prank is pretty simple. Atwood positions himself near a stranger on the street. Once he’s sure the stranger in listening, he pretends to be in a heated phone argument with the husband of a married woman he’s been having an affair with.

“I didn’t know she was married,”Atwood yells into the phone during the first run-through of this prank. “Don’t be mad at me, be mad at her! 

Atwood then challenges the person on the other end of the phone to a fight, gives them his location, and offers up a description of the stranger he’s standing beside, setting them up for a showdown with the angry husband.

Moments later, Matt Brown shows up to play the role of the husband, sending chills down the spine of the poor prank victim. Once the victim is sufficiently rattled, Brown offers the classic “you’re on camera” reveal and the victim’s heart rate returns to a safe level.

When Brown isn’t partaking in YouTube pranks, he’s engaging in memorable wars in the UFC’s Octagon. Though his next challenge was originally expected to be against Tarec Saffiedine at UFC 207 on December 30, he’ll actually return to action a few weeks earlier then planned, when he takes on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone on the main card of UFC 206 on December 10.

Brown will enter this fight with a tough 1-4 record in his last five fights, having sandwiched a win over Tim Means between losses to top competition in Robbie Lawler, Johny Hendricks, Demian Maia and Jake Ellenberger. He’ll be using this high-stakes battle with Cowboy as an opportunity to reassert himself as one of the welterweight division’s top fighters.

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