Khabib Nurmagomedov says UFC is “working on a fight versus Conor McGregor”

Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor

New UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is almost ready to start focusing on his first title defense. The undefeated champion will soon fly to California, where he will begin a training camp that could well culminate with a fight with Conor McGregor.

“Very soon I’m going to come to USA, to California and begin my training camp,” Nurmagomedov said on the social media platform Live Raise (transcribed by Jim Edwards for MMANytt).

“When the UFC give me fight I’m going to come to California and I’m going to stay at [American Kickboxing Academy] for nine weeks with my family before the fight and I’m going to defend my title.”

“This year I want to defend my title. About opponents? I don’t know to be honest. I don’t know, but the UFC are working on a fight versus Conor [McGregor].”

While Nurmagomedov claims a bout with Nurmagomedov is being worked on, he also divulged that he’s willing to sign pretty much any other bout agreement the UFC drops on his desk.

“If they give Conor then I’m going to fight Conor, if they give different opponent, GSP or winner of [Eddie] Alvarez vs [Dustin] Poirier, it doesn’t matter let’s go.”

Nurmagomedov’s comments on a potential McGregor fight are in keeping with recent comments made by McGregor’s coach Owen Roddy, who claimed the fight was “brewing up nicely.”

“I’m sure it’s just down to negotiations, but yeah, I think it is building,” he said. “This started similarly with the [Floyd] Mayweather fight; there was talk, there was a bit of back and forth and a bit of drama. Once the crowd and the fans get behind it, they ultimately make the fight. It’s brewing up nicely.”

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This article first appeared on on 6/25/2018.

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