Daniel Cormier fires back at Jon Jones after GOAT comments: “he’s a nobody”

Daniel Cormier, ufc rankings

If you ask former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier has no place in MMA’s Greatest of all Time debate. Jones made his opinions on the matter abundantly clear earlier this week, replying to a Tweet from the official UFC Twitter account, and arguing that Cormier’s name should not be mentioned when attempting to identify the GOAT in MMA.

“What have you done for me lately?” Jones said in his reply. “Let’s just be real and stop asking this question.”

“If [Cormier’s] in the conversation does that make me the motherfucking man?” he asked.

Now, Cormier has responded to these comments. Apparently, he’s not even willing to give Jones the time of day.

“[Jones] doesn’t have a platform and I refuse to give him a platform,” Cormier told CBS Sports. “He’s a nobody. He has been suspended again. He’s mired in controversy for drug abuse. Your issues are tied to steroids, performance enhancers. You don’t get a platform when you’re like that. It’s like me glorifying Lance Armstrong.”

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