Jose Canseco took home a massive payday for 5-seconds of work at Rough N’ Rowdy

Jose Canseco
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Former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco took home a massive payday for boxing a Barstool Sports intern at Rough N’ Rowdy.

Canseco and the intern, Billy Football, had been feuding for some time and decided to settle their differences in the ring.

Jose Canseco had previously competed in combat sports but that did not intimidate the Barstool Sports intern from making a bold prediction for their fight.

“There’s a very good chance he dies in the ring,” Billy said on the podcast. “I would commit manslaughter, I wouldn’t commit murder. For the record, I have no intent to kill him.” – Billy Football said.

When the fight commenced, Billy Football rushed after Jose Canseco and landed several big shots. They then clinched and the Barstool Sports intern landed a heavy shot that dropped Canseco. After Jose dropped he grabbed his shoulder and the ref stopped the fight.

Jose Canseco
Image Credit: Rough N’ Rowdy

Shortly following the bouts conclusion, promoter David Portnoy accused Jose Canseco of taking a dive.

Today, the Rough N’ Rowdy promoter was back on Twitter where he revealed that the former MLB homerun artist took home a massive payday for his “efforts” yesterday evening.

So here is how Jose Canseco got paid last night. 50k guarantee. He got 50k more if he won. He also had a rev share if we broke our record for PPV buys. We shattered it. Get ready to puke. Jose made over 1 million dollars for 5 seconds last night. I don’t feel bad for him anymore.”

It will be interesting to see if Jose Canseco returns to compete in any further celebrity boxing matches. The former Major League Baseball star has had issues with the Paul Brothers recently, so there is a chance that a fight with Logan or Jake could be up next for Canseco.


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