Jorge Masvidal goes off on “little jealous b*tch” Kamaru Usman

Jorge Masvidal

Yesterday evening, UFC welterweight contenders Kamaru Usman and Darren Till engaged in a heated back-and-forth on Twitter. Shortly thereafter, Usman’s manager Ali Abdelaziz involved several other top welterweights with a followup Tweet – including Jorge Masvidal, who didn’t take kindly to what was being said.

Here’s how it all went down.

“The most avoided fighter in the ufc today [Kamaru Usman]. everyone’s talking shit but I’m talking to the matchmakers daily – [masvidal] said no, Magny said no, Covington said no, thompson injured, Darren till saying he wants to fight but no contracts coming through.” – Ali abdelaziz

“You must be as Tw0-faced as people say you are for posting this with my name in it. Lets see I’ve agreed to fight #1 at the time [Demian] Maia, #2 at the time [Stephen] Thompson now I’ve been offered #7 Till which I more than welcome cause it’s a dude that actually fights and doesn’t run his mouth” – Jorge Masvidal

“You sound like a little jealous bitch [Kamaru Usman], that is worried about other dudes talking about you. If Till can’t do July I’m all about the warm up fight and if you have a baby shower to attend and can’t just know the world knows you’ve been exposed.” – Jorge Masvidal

“Basically [Darren Till] can see me in July and if he can’t then your death certificate will be signed.” – Jorge masvidal

Masvidal then ReTweeted a Tweet from manager Abe Kawa, assuring that Usman had never been offered a fight with Masvidal to begin with.

“I can confirm [Kamaru Usman] was never offered to [Jorge Masvidal]. I don’t know which matchmaker Ali is referring to #moreFakeNews.” – Abe Kawa

Needless to say, the welterweight division finally seems to be heating up again. No matter who you believe in this complicated ordeal, things are going to get interesting over the next few months.

This article first appeared on on 3/21/2018.

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