Jon Jones responds to Anthony Smith with some advice: “Hurry up and buy the family a gun”

Jon Jones, Anthony Smith, UFC 235

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has responded to former opponent Anthony Smith by offering up some advice.

Earlier this month, Smith was the victim of a home invasion which resulted in what he called “one of the toughest fights of his life”.

Following the news, ‘Bones’ took to social media where he stated that he was glad his former opponent Anthony was ok, but added there was no way that dude would have left his house walking.

That statement did not sit well with ‘Lionheart’, who quickly fired back at Jon Jones for his comments.

“You’re just flexing,” Smith said of Jones. “You’re such a douchebag, man. What are you doing? First of all, I had a worst case scenario. We get it Jon, you’re all over Twitter and Instagram with all your guns and your cool dog, but I got caught. I got caught slipping, worst case scenario. Guns weren’t close: not typical. Door was open: not typical. I don’t get what he’s getting at.”

Anthony Smith continued to vent on the comments of Jon Jones:

” It’s really easy to sit there and go ‘if that guy came to my house I would have just beat the s**t out of him, I would have done this, I would have shot him.’ It’s really easy to say that until you’re caught in it and you’ve been awake for eight seconds and you’re in the middle of a goddamn pandemonium throw down in the middle of your living room with no pants on. Nobody’s ready for that s**t. It’s really easy to flex on Twitter.”

Jones and Smith squared off in the main event of UFC 235 in March of 2019, with ‘Bones’ emerging victorious by way of unanimous decision.

UFC 235

Most recently, Jon Jones responded to Smith on Twitter where he shared the following advice for the former title challenger moving forward.

“Anthony If you’re going to leave your garage door open all night, hurry up and by the family a gun, some mace or something. A douche bag more like me could’ve completely had his way with you all night, that could’ve been bad for everyone.”

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This article first appeared on April 17, 2020

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