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VIDEO | #TBT Joe Rogan beats up social media challenger

bjpenndotcom - May 5, 2016

UFC commentator Joe Rogan may not fight inside the Octagon, however by now many fans know that Rogan is an experienced martial artist. In addition to holding a 10th Planet JiuJitsu black belt under Eddie Bravo, Rogan was an accomplished TaeKwonDo practitioner for many many years.


VIDEO | Joe Rogan explains why MMA should have no gloves or wrist taping

Russell Ess - May 4, 2016

UFC color commentator and well-versed martial artist Joe Rogan feels that MMA should not have any gloves or wrist taping for competition. Why? Rogan feels that the sport would actually be safer without them.

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VIDEO | You won't believe what FOX does to cover blood stains in the Octagon

bjpenndotcom - April 22, 2016 It’s no secret that MMA is one of, if not the single bloodiest sport on the planet. While the average fight doesn’t consist of tremendous amounts of blood, some fights do.

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VIDEO | Joe Rogan's live reaction to Conor McGregor's retirement

bjpenndotcom - April 19, 2016 By now the sporting world knows that UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor retired from MMA on Tuesday morning before it was announced that he had been pulled from UFC 200 for refusing to fulfill his media obligations.


Video Rogan Riffs: The Best Super Fights of All-Time

bjpenndotcom - February 15, 2016 Check out the recap on the UFC super-fights that were historic events in MMA history. Joe Rogan talks about these historic fights like BJ Penn vs GSP Anderson Silva and more.


Round Table Talk Video: Joe Rogan on Rafael dos Anjos vs Conor McGregor

bjpenndotcom - February 14, 2016 Catch a few minutes with Joe Rogan and the guys as they talk about Conor McGregor’s scrap with Rafael dos Anjos next month. They also talk about McGregor starting his own MMA organization.


Blast From the Past Video: Joe Rogan TKO's Opponent in 3 Seconds With Spinning Back Kick!

bjpenndotcom - February 6, 2016 We’ve all seen a few of those Joe Rogan videos where he blasts a heavy-bag with a devastating spinning back kick. In this video, a young Rogan shows us why he enjoys using the effective technique.

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Joe Rogan calls for instant penalty for eye pokes and groin shots

bjpenndotcom - February 5, 2016

The question of how to prevent unintentional eye pokes inside the cage is something that has been discussed for quite some time, however has never really been answered. Bellator MMA designed a special pair of gloves which leave a fighter unable to fully extend their fingers, minimizing the number of unintentional eye pokes caused by pawing out at an opponents hand.


WATCH! Joe Rogan breaks down Barnett vs. Rothwell

bjpenndotcom - January 29, 2016 Ahead of this Saturday’s highly anticipated, high-stakes heavyweight fight between Josh Barnett and Ben Rothwell, UFC commentator Joe Rogan broke the bout down.