VIDEO | Joe Rogan: ‘I don’t know why people think [Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa] was a fixed fight’

“A lot of people think that was a fixed fight,” Joe Rogan said on the Joe Rogan Experience. “I think that was a 120-pound fighter… Fighting the best ever. I mean, it wasn’t a fixed fight. I don’t know why people think it was a fixed fight. That guy fights at 126-pounds I think. I think that’s his weight class. He’s tiny.

“I feel like the first [punch] clipped him on the temple. He hit him with the left hook on the temple. Hit him with a right hand then he hit him with a left hook. The right hand… Then he hit him afterwards as he was going down. But I think that left hand to the temple is what did the real damage. And then there was a big right hand afterwards that dropped him.

“I just think he was out of his league,” Rogan continued. “Like way, way out of his league. What’s funny is if they let [Tenshin Nasukawa] kick he would f*ck Floyd [Mayweather] up *laughs*”

On this past New Year’s Eve, it actually happened. All-time boxing great Floyd Mayweather went to Japan to take on one RIZIN Fighting Federation’s biggest stars in the 20-year old kickboxing prodigy, Tenshin Nasukawa. This was, of course, a¬†boxing match that ended up having many members of the combat sports community speculating its legitimacy.

An exhibition at that, the fight was scheduled to go three rounds if necessary but it wouldn’t even leave the first. Three knockdowns from Floyd Mayweather led to Tenshin’s corner throwing in the towel to give the boxing legend the unofficial victory.

The size difference was definitely a big factor in this one as Joe Rogan mentioned. Floyd Mayweather weighed in at 147-pounds to Tenshin’s 137. However, the skills were obviously on different levels when it comes to boxing as well.

If you have yet to see the fight in question, it can be watched below.

This article first appeared on on 1/10/2019

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