Ahead of Michael Bisping fight, Georges St-Pierre says he’s bigger than he’s ever been

Georges St-Pierre

At a to be determined date later this year, former long-time UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will make his much discussed return to the Octagon. He will not, however, be returning to his former haunts in the middleweight division. Instead, he’ll be moving up to middleweight where he’ll receive a somewhat controversial title shot against reigning champion Michael Bisping. When St-Pierre steps onto the canvas with Bisping, who used to fight at light heavyweight, he’s likely to surrender a fairly significant size disadvantage. To combat this, the former welterweight says he’s packed on some size – to the point that he’s bigger than he’s ever been. St-Pierre explained his physique change during a recent Q&A with sponsor Hayabusa.

“I have always been the same weight,” he said (via BloodyElbow.com). “When I knew that we were going to fight Michael Bisping, when I signed the contract, that’s when I decided to put on a little more weight. I won’t be able to put a lot, because I’m a natural guy. But I’m already a little bit bigger than I was.”

“I’m the biggest I’ve ever been right now in my life. Bisping will still be bigger than me, but I’m confident that this will help.”

St-Pierre then explained that, while he’s hesitant to burden his body with too much extra weight, he’s had a bit of fun watching his muscles balloon up.

“It’s not my natural size, I haven’t been this big in my life,” he said. But as a man, I’m going to be honest, we want to have bigger muscles and want to be big, so I’m happy to be a little bit bigger.”

Do you think Georges St-Pierre will be hindered by his size disadvantage against Bisping? Do you think his new physique will help? Sound off, PENN Nation!

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 4/25/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM