Team Frankie Edgar: ‘Conor McGregor needs to let go of that baba and the binkie and just let go of the 145-pound title’

Conor McGregor in Octagon

Frankie Edgar wants to be a part of UFC’s elite and be one of the few to win UFC championships in multiple weight classes. Currently, only Hall of Fame legends Randy Couture and Edgar’s familiar opponent BJ Penn have been able to accomplish such a feat.

Edgar’s boxing coach Mark Henry spoke with MMA Junkie Radio on the featherweight title picture with current champ Conor McGregor not even being in the picture.

“Everybody keeps stoking up Conor so much, but Frankie is also trying to go for his second belt, too, and this guy– the thing with my daughter growing up, she was a great kid, but she wanted the baba and the binkie and the blankie (and) she was scared,” Henry told MMAjunkie Radio. “She just wouldn’t get rid of it and held on tight to that. And I think Conor needs to let go of that baba and the binkie and just let go of the 145-pound title.”

Henry says that McGregor’s escapades are jamming things up for the featherweight division.

“I want Frankie’s legacy, so the only thing Conor is doing is holding up everything,” Henry said. “Now my big question is, so if Conor is not fighting this fight, is he fighting Diaz in November, and now this title is going to be held even longer? There’s never been a title held unless a guy was hurt and they had an interim.

“All the rules are changing, and I just want the belt. This guy just won’t let that baba go, man. You’ll be OK, pal. You want to go and fight 155? Go fight 155 and come back and fight 155, but (McGregor) wants to fight 170, he wants to retire, and he doesn’t want to retire. I don’t know if I’m talking to my wife or talking to Conor sometimes.”

Henry added an interesting point to make between McGregor and Edgar, and was sure to load it full of sarcasm.

“I feel bad, what he talked about,” Henry said regarding McGregor’s statement on focusing on training for the bigger, longer Diaz. “He said he’s got to get ready to fight a guy that has more height, more range, and is bigger. Frankie’s never had to do that, so I really understand where he’s coming from, bro.”

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