Frank Mir explains why Daniel Cormier was so hurt by last night’s outcome

Frank Mir

Daniel Cormier suffered a heartbreaking third-round knockout loss to bitter rival Jon “Bones” Jones in the main event of UFC 214 last night in Anaheim, California.

Shortly following the conclusion of last night’s UFC 214 main event, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir took to Twitter where he shared his thoughts on why Daniel Cormier was so emotional in defeat.

According to Mir, the reason “DC” was so upset following his loss to “JBJ” was due to the fact that the setback now means that Daniel was never really the actual 205-pound champ and that Cormier really only held the title because of “Bones” absence from the sport.

Check it out:

“People need to understand why D.C. was so hurt by outcome-The loss means he was never really champ & only had title because of Jon’s absence.”

“Jon Jones is now without a doubt the P4P champ. Who else has had a #2 guy in their division as good as DC and destroyed them? #ufc214”

Daniel Cormier has yet to issue a statement publicly since last night’s loss to Jon Jones.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion was interviewed by Joe Rogan shortly following last night’s loss and had the following to say about the setback.

Joe Rogan: “Daniel give us your thoughts right now.”

Daniel Cormier: “I don’t know man.. Um, I thought the fight was going well. I don’t even know what happened. I guess I got kicked in the head? Oh man, that is so disappointing.”

Joe Rogan: “I don’t think it is a good idea to interview fighters after they have been knocked out, but I really wanted to give you a chance to express yourself. I know this is an incredible moment for you. It is very emotional. What can you say at all about this and the rivalry between you and Jon (Jones)?”

Daniel Cormier: “I don’t know man. I guess if he wins both fights there is no rivalry so… I don’t know.”

Joe Rogan: “Thank you for everything Daniel.”

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