Results: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabio Maldonado

By bjpenndotcom - June 17, 2016

On Friday afternoon, Fedor Emelianenko and Fabio Maldonado fought in the EFN 50 main event, Emelianenko came out strong, backing Maldonado up as he landed numerous big punches while Maldonado defended.

Fedor Emelianenko

It was Maldonado however who landed a big punch that dropped Fedor Emelianenko. While many expected the fight to be stopped, Emelianenko survived as Maldonado dropped bombs from half guard. Emelianenko looked to survive and attempt to get back to guard as the crowed watched on in awe. Emelianenko got up and wobbled around the cage as Maldonado landed bombs. Somehow Emelianenko makes it to the cage, where Maldonado landed more punches in the clinch. Emelianenko, noticeably wobbled, staggers away as he connects with a right hand that wobbles Maldonado a bit. With just 90 seconds left in the round, Maldonado pushes Emelianenko against the cage and lands more bombs. Emelianenko somehow makes his way to the center of the cage, where he is hit with more bombs. The Last Emperor staggers to the cage, where Maldonado lands more big punches. The referee briefly stops the bout to give Fedor his mouthpiece back. With just 20 seconds left in the round, Emelianenko makes his way back to the center of the cage. The round ends and both men make their way back to their corners after a thrilling round.

In the second, Emelianenko took the center of the ring while looking bruised and battered. Maldonado lands some jabs after eating an overhand. Emelianenko landed a flying knee that clipped Maldonado as both men look exhausted. Emelianenko unloads with a flurry as Maldonado takes deep breaths. Fedor with a left head kick that Maldonado blocks. Fedor lands an overhand right and a low kick as Maldonado backs up against the cage. Maldonado pushes forward with a lead hook which misses. Emelianenko unleashes another flurry which backs up Maldonado, however he is unfazed. The crowd chants ‘Fedor’ as Emelianenko looks to unload with a flurry with 90 seconds left. The pair trade jabs and Maldonado drops Fedor, who quickly makes his way back to his feet. Both men looking exhausted with 60 seconds left. Both men looking bloody as the round ends.

The 3rd round starts as both men, bloody and battered make their way to the center of the cage. Maldonado lands some big punches and pushes Fedor against the cage as he eats a big knee to the body. Fedor unleashes a signature flurry as Maldonado lands a big hook that lands clean. Maldonado lunges forward with a big hook that lands clean. Maldonado lands some jabs as Fedor counters and clinches Maldonado against the cage. Fedor with a knee as he breaks the clinch and the pair make their way to the center of the ring. Emelianenko lands a big combination midway through the round. Maldonado with a big low kick and body punch. Maldonado clinches Emelianenko against the cage and lands several clean shots as the commentator wonders why Emelianenko isn’t looking for the takedown. Fedor with a low kick followed by a head kick, neither of which bother Maldonado. Maldonado lands some big punches with 50 seconds left, which Fedor returns. Maldonado moves backwards as Fedor lands bombs. Fedor lands knees from the clinch, which he then breaks. The crowd goes wild as the round ends for the end of the fight.

Official decision: Fedor Emelianenko wins via majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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