Marvin Vettori’s nutritionist clears the air on the infamous confrontation with Karl Roberson

Marvin Vettori and his nutritionist Matteo Capodaglio
Image via Matteo Capodaglio

Basically everyone has seen the infamous clip of Marvin Vettori going after his former opponent Karl Roberson, but there are still questions about what actually happens.

Both fighters gave their sides of the story but of course, they differ from each other.

Doctor Matteo Capodaglio, Vettori’s nutritionist, has decided to step in and to clear the air once for all.

“I was accused of setting the whole thing up, but that’s not true”, Capodaglio told “I was going up with Giga [Chikadze]’s lunch, another of my clients who is going to fight on Saturday when I met Karl Roberson and his team. They said I started texting Marvin when I saw them, but I was actually sending personal texts, and definitely I wasn’t texting Marvin [Vettori]. I did call him, though, because he clearly said that he wanted to confront Karl Roberson.”

“[Karl Roberson’s team] also said that I didn’t want to get into the elevator with them, but I just couldn’t. There are four signs on the elevator’s floor that indicate where to stand while in there due to the COVID–19 pandemic going on these days, and there was no room left for me, so I decided to pick the other one.”

Pic sent by Matteo Capodaglio

“Everyone went after me because I filmed the whole thing”, Capodaglio continued, “but I did not expect things to escalate that quickly. Marvin just wanted to talk with him, but he lost it when Roberson started to talk trash instead of saying he was sorry. Plus, it has to be said I constantly do vlogs about my clients, so that was my original intention when I started to film what was going on.”

Marvin Vettori has yet to find a new opponent after his opponent was forced to pull off due to some weight-cut issues. The Italian, though, has hit the scale today at 203.5 pounds, hoping for a last-minute opponent.

What do you think about Vettori and Roberson’s beef? Will the two fighters be able to lock horns anytime in the future?

This article first appeared on on 5/15/2020.

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