Loopy Godinez “confident” she beat Cynthia Calvillo at UFC 287 but disappointed how “close” the fight was

By Cole Shelton - April 13, 2023

Loopy Godinez is disappointed by how close her fight with Cynthia Calvillo was.

Loopy Godinez

Godinez entered the fight coming off a loss to Angela Hill last August, in what she admits was a disappointing fight for her. She was then booked to face Calvillo at UFC 287 in a fight Godinez thought she would dominate in.

Yet, the fight was back-and-forth and very competitive throughout, which Godinez thinks was due to how strong Calvillo was. Despite Cynthia’s surprising strength, the 29-year-old knew that her shots were doing the more effective damage. Even though Calvillo landed the better volume, Godinez was confident that she has done enough to secure the win.

“I know the power I have in my hands and how hard I hit. I see the same reaction in every fight, they don’t expect the power I have,” Godinez said to BJPENN.com. “She did hit me a few times and it did leave a mark after the fight, but when I was hitting her I saw her get rocked and stumble a bit.”

With Loopy Godinez thinking her strikes did more damage, when the final bell rang at UFC 287, she was confident she would get her hand raised. The fight was close – which she isn’t happy about – but she was still pleased with her performance.

“I was confident when I was in there. But, I wasn’t thinking too much about it as I felt so good mentally about how I fought and was focused all 15 minutes. She did take me down, but I got up and I landed the more powerful shots,” Godinez said. “I haven’t watched the fight back yet, but from what I remember, I thought I won the first and third rounds and the second round was close. But, yeah, it was a close fight and I hate having close fights.”

Even though the fight was close, at the end of the day, it was a win for Godinez which is all she cares about. As well, she says she didn’t take much damage and hopes she can return at UFC 289 in Vancouver, but isn’t sure if it will happen.

“Whoever they give me. It would be good to get someone in the top-15, but whoever they give me I’ll take it… The UFC hasn’t talked to me about the Vancouver card but if they wanted me on the card I do think they would have told me by now so I don’t think it’s going to happen but it will be cool if it does,” Godinez concluded.

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