Brandon Royval says Brandon Moreno fight will be “15 minutes of me whooping his ass”

By Cole Shelton - November 19, 2020

Brandon Royval is confident he will prove the doubters wrong once again when he fights Brandon Moreno.

Brandon Royval

At UFC 255, Royval is the betting underdog once again as he has been in all three of his UFC fights. Yet, against Moreno, he believes this is a perfect matchup for him to have success against.

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“I get it I am jumping the rankings. You guys don’t know me yet, you guys know nothing about me. I like that and I get that. Keep betting against me it makes sense if you bet statistics and you don’t know anything about this dude, bet against him for sure,” Royval said on Just Scrap Radio on “That being said, do your homework. How is he going to beat me? Is he going to sub me? No, that is not a f*****g option. Is he going to knock me out? Brandon Moreno hasn’t knocked anybody out that is not an option either. I mean if you are betting on a finish I wouldn’t be betting him.

“It is what it is, I am excited to prove people wrong but I am more excited to gain fans,” he continued. “I know what I bring to the table and the excitement I bring. If you are not going to bet me this fight, maybe you will bet me next fight.”

Stylistically, both Royval and Moreno are very similar. They have insane cardio and are both very well-rounded. Yet, for “Raw Dawg” he is confident he will beat Moreno for 15 minutes straight to win a decision.

“I definitely see this fight going the distance. But, I thought my last fight would too,” Royval said. “I mean, I think I have more of a finishing tendency than anyone he has faced. I am more of a finisher and can capitalize on a quick mistake he does. He is a tough dude, he is Mexican, too. I don’t see him being finished at all. It will be 15 minutes of me whooping his ass.”

Ultimately, for Brandon Royval, he says he will be making 125lbs on the dot in case anything happens in the main event. But, he remains focused on Moreno as he knows a win here could earn him a title shot.

Royval has also gone two-for-two in bonuses, but this time hopes it is a Performance of the Night instead of Fight of the Night.

“I got two bonuses but I’m not looking to get Fight of the Night this time. I’m looking to get a Performance on this motherf****r,” Royval concluded. “I’m not trying to have the Fight of the Night against f*****g Brandon Moreno which will take like a year off my life. This dude swings for the fences and goes ball to the wall. Probably not the best fighter to try and have the Fight of the Night with. But, I know the fighter I am and I know the mentality I bring and the mentality he brings.”

Who do you think will win, Brandon Royval or Brandon Moreno?

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