Adrian Yanez believes Randy Costa fight has similar career trajectory to the first Poirier-McGregor scrap, eyes stoppage win

By Cole Shelton - July 22, 2021

Adrian Yanez sees a lot of similarities between his UFC Vegas 32 fight against Randy Costa and the first time Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor fought.

Adrian Yanez

Yanez and Costa are both coming off back-to-back highlight-reel KO wins. They also both have a lot of hype behind them. Yet, many have said this fight is happening too soon. Yanez, however, disagrees with it as he thinks they will eventually meet again years down the line in a much bigger fight similar to Poirier and McGregor.

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“There is some give and take on Twitter. Some people thought it’s happening too soon because we are two up and comers and maybe we can fight further down the line. But, also, we both know that we are going to be at the top anyway,” Yanez said on Just Scrap Radio on “If we fight now, we are possibly going to fight later on. It’s inevitable for the both of us because I’m good and he’s good. It’s one of those things I do see us rematching in the future. To me, it didn’t matter if it happens now or later.

“But, at the same time, a lot of people are saying this is too early. Nothing is too early, Dustin Poirier fought Conor McGregor when Conor McGregor was only 3-0 in the UFC,” Yanez continued. “It’s the same trajectory as us, and he went on to do all those things. It’s one of those things that we fight, it’s such a great fight that down the line you would want to see the fight again anyway.”

Entering the fight, Adrian Yanez is confident he will get his hand raised. Yanez knows Costa has legit one-shot fight-ending power, but he believes “Zohan” telegraphs a lot of his shots. With that, Yanez believes he will eventually get the stoppage win.

“I see him being really aggressive. If he slows down then I know he’s worried about what I bring to the table,” Yanez said. “If he comes out super aggressive in the first round then he will try and make a statement… In my eyes, it plays into whatever I want anyway…

“I know he has probably gotten a lot better since the last time he fought. But, from seeing it, I think he telegraphs it too much,” Yanez concluded. “You can say whatever you want until you get into the cage. I think I will get the stoppage. But, he could very well take what I throw and it will go all three rounds.”

If Yanez does get the stoppage win over Costa he knows it will only add to his hype. His hope would be he gets a top-15 opponent next, but if not, Yanez says he’s looking for the toughest unranked fighter.

“I would hope so, I would absolutely hope so. If I don’t get that opportunity, I don’t mind working my ass off to get to that top-15 because it’s inevitable for me. Whether I knock him out or we go the distance, it will build up my resume. If they still don’t want to give me a top-15 guy, I will search for the toughest guy that’s not ranked,” Yanez concluded.

Who do you think will win, Adrian Yanez or Randy Costa?

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