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Exclusive: Founder Jon Nutt will feature in 1 vs 2 bout at Fight Circus IV: Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

The weird and wonderful world of Fight Circus parades back into action on November 5th at 9pm (PST.)

From the same team that brought us Full Metal Dojo, the aptly titled Fight Circus IV: Send Lawyers, Guns and Money will take place in Phuket, Thailand and will be aired live on Fite TV.

Having previously showcased such ridiculousness as 3 vs 1 fights, kicking only, Indian leg wrestling and fights in a literal phone booth, the Fight Circus team have set the bar for ludicrous – ludicrously high. In fact, they were probably ludicrously high when they came up with most of their ideas.

The pageantry is hosted by unmistakable ringmaster, Jon Nutt. The multifaceted man in the middle is the mind behind the madness. Fight Circus III included siamese twin fights and cosplaying little people. The fourth instalment promises to be as wild as ever, with Nutt set to face a pair of local stalwarts in a game of 1 vs 2 MMA.

The Bostonian was asked in an exclusive interview with BJpenn.com to outline the stupidest advice he’d ever received; to which he replied,

“‘You should fight two people at the same time.’ Joking around I said that I bet I could beat MMAsymetrical Icons Bank and No Money. I guess my bluff was called. And now I’m going to host an entire event. Sing and dance. And then fight these two pint sized ankle biters. As I am one of the most hardcore fighters on the planet I really do hope I don’t break them. And I’ll never take Bob Sapp’s advice ever again. By the way Bob is hilarious. You guys should interview him. But don’t take his advice,” quipped Nutt.

Sapp will be back for Fight Circus IV but his level of involvement remains a mystery. All we know is that he will be involved in something called ‘The Bob Sapp Challenge.’ Other highlights include the ‘Wheel of Violence,’ a ‘Boardroom Brawl’ and a Lethwei ‘Grudge match.’


The bulk of the intrigue will no doubt surround Nutt himself. This isn’t the first time the American has stepped inside the ring on his own show. When a fight fell through at Full Metal Dojo 12, Nutt stepped in to fight Brazil’s Marcelo Tenorio – fresh from drinking a beer and announcing the fights. Now six years older and a touch heavier, he’s back for another bite of the apple. Only it’s not an apple. It’s two Thai brothers.

“So when it comes to competing. Especially against two badasses like Bank and No Money. I’m going to give you two answers,” explained Nutt.

“The Real One. And the not real one. The Sport and the Circus. So as a guy in his mid forties that is super out of shape and has no real chance of winning. I’m wicked pumped up. I think this is gonna be a blast. It’s gonna be epic. My friends will buy me beers for life. It’s the best kinda real life movie joke sh** ever,” said the Fight Circus president, before adding,

“Now on a number two poo poo answer. There is no way I can lose this fight and these guys better enjoy hospital food. I’m gonna tear these two wimps apart and literally shove one of their heads up the other ones a**hole. And then I’ll yell out to the audience. “Rectum, nearly Killed’em”! And we will all laugh. It will be great!”

Sounds like we’re in store for another classic dose of Fight Circus. Will you be watching?



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