VIDEO | UFC Fighters Give Their Picks for Justin Gaethje vs Eddie Alvarez

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The fight between Justin Gaethje and Eddie Alvarez is violence personified. They have even gone as far as to say that the UFC’s “Most Violent” title is on the line. It’s the undefeated, former WSOF lightweight champion fighting the former UFC lightweight champion and last MMA fighter to throw down with Conor McGregor. It’s an absolute feast of chaos for the fans, but it’s also a real fighter’s fight. Who better to break down the crazy scrap than other UFC fighters who seem just as giddy for the match-up as we are courtesy of James Lynch from

“Aw, Justin Gaethje for sure man. That guy is the human highlight reel. He’s fun to watch. I used to wrestle with him in the Pack 10 when he was in Northern Colorado and I was at Oregon State, so I saw him a lot. He’s always been flashy and unorthodox. So, I think Justin Gaethje gets the job done [against Eddie Alvarez] dramatically there.” — Colby Covington.

“That’s a tough one. They’re both brawlers and they’re both going to come in and fight hard. Eddie Alvarez – I see he’s the more polished, better fighter in my opinion – but Justin Gaethje is just a dog. You gotta’ kill that man to beat him. I’m going to go with Gaethje because I’d like to see him win. I’d like to see him get a knockout. But honestly, that’s a toss up right there. Eddie Alvarez, like I said, I think he’s the better skill wise, more seasoned fighter. But Justin Gaethje’s gonna’ make him brawl with him and I think that’s the kind of game Justin Gaethje wants to play with you. He wants you to brawl. He wants to get hit hard and hit hard back and I don’t see many people in this world that can take what Justin Gaethje takes and keeps pushing forward, you know. […] You gotta’ kill him to be able to stop him and I think that’s a good quality to have.” — Jason Knight.

An overwhelming 13 fighters chose Justin Gaethje to beat the veteran Eddie Alvarez. Four picked the former UFC lightweight champ while two decided the bout was just too crazy to call. Of course, all of our predictions don’t mean anything one the cage door closes. If there is one constant in MMA, it is to expect the unexpected. After all, UFC 217 featured upsets in three title fights. Let’s just hope there are no controversial endings to this bloody war like there was in Alvarez’s last fight with Dustin Poirier.

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