Eddie Alvarez responds to Conor McGregor KO report

By Russell Ess - October 10, 2016

The MMA community was buzzing on Monday when MMA insider @TalkMMA tweeted that Conor McGregor had been allegedly knocked out cold during a training session at Straight Blast Gym.

Conor McGregor Eddie Alvarez

Conor McGregor Eddie Alvarez staredown

Eddie Alvarez is set to face McGregor at UFC 205 in New York on November 12 in the main event as he looks to defend his UFC lightweight title for the first time. Alvarez heard the report of McGregor being knocked out in training and tweeted, “I heard of realistic fight simulation training but this is Next level shit !!! Lmao … This happened to me before too , rest up Be safe👊👊”

Do you think Conor McGregor was really hurt in training? Will it have any effect on his training for the fight with Alvarez?

We will have to find out when the two meet in the center of the Octagon at Madison Square Garden as Conor McGregor looks to write history and become the first fighter to hold two UFC division’s titles simultaneously. Eddie Alvarez, on the other hand, will look to establish himself as one of MMA’s biggest names with a win over the Irish superstar.

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Give us your prediction for the UFC lightweight title fight between Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor. Let us know in the comments how and when the fight ends!


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