Eddie Alvarez goes off on “scrawny, skinny Irishman” Conor McGregor

Eddie Alvarez interview

While it will be just over 48 hours until UFC featherweight superstar Conor Mcgregor and UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez step into the Octagon to square off in a highly anticipated lightweight title fight, the trash talk between the pair is at an all-time high.

Wednesday afternoon following the UFC 205 open-workouts, Mystic Mac gave his prediction for the historic lightweight title fight, saying that he believes he can finish Alvarez in just one round, a feat no one has been able to accomplish throughout the course of Alvarez’ 32 professional fights spanning over the past thirteen years.

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On the flip-side, while McGregor is arguably one of the best fighters Alvarez has ever faced, he believes that the Irishman is the least threatening opponent he’s ever faced. He spoke on The Fight Society:

“He’s the least intimidating man I’ve ever met. The least. I’ve never been face-to-face with a man and my heart rate has not gone up or something I felt inside emotionally, that has never happened to me until I was on stage at the press conference at Madison Square Garden where I literally felt nothing. I felt the least threatened in my life…

“I’d be lying to you and the whole public if I told you Conor McGregor was the most dangerous opponent I’ve ever come up against… I’d be bald-faced lying to you. The opponent I had before him [Rafael dos Anjos] was much, much harder. He had many more dimensions and that’s just how I feel.”

“I’m a fighter. I see what’s real and I see what’s not. I’m able to distinguish the talk from what’s real. What I see in the octagon, I see a scrawny, skinny Irishman who’s about to get a beatdown.”

Eddie Alvarez

While McGregor said in his pre-fight prediction that he will KO Alvarez inside of one round due to the fact that he is able to blend many different styles, making him a puzzle fighters have yet to solve, Alvarez thinks McGregor won’t be able to make good on his prediction:

“Most of Conor’s talk, the majority of it, is self-talk. It’s him trying to convince himself that he can do these things. I’m a fighter. No one’s gonna do this stuff to me. No one has ever done it, no one ever will.”