Darren Till’s nutritionist is “110 percent” confident he’ll make weight for UFC 228 main event

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This Saturday, in the main event of UFC 228, undefeated British contender Darren Till will battle Tyron Woodley for the UFC welterweight title — that is, if Till makes weight. Till has failed to make the welterweight division’s weight limit in the past, and heading into this fight with Woodley, there’s been widespread worry he’ll miss his mark again, which would make him illegible to win the title.

In the opinion of Till’s nutritionist, Eoghan Gallagher, a protege of famed MMA nutritionist George Lockhart, there’s no cause for concern with respect with Till’s weight cut. Speaking to MMA Fighting at the UFC 228 fighter hotel in Dallas, Texas this week, Gallagher assured he’s “110 percent” sure Till will be on weight on this fight.

“We’re super happy with where he’s at,” Gallagher said of Darren Till. “We were working with a more limited time frame that expected. Darren had some visa issues getting into the U.S. We wanted to get out here to do four weeks, but we only got two-and-a-half basically. So under the circumstances we’re doing amazing. The last part of the cut is always going to suck. He said it himself earlier, fighters who say they’ve had a great cut, it’s a cover up.”

While Gallagher assures that Darren Till is on-point for his upcoming title fight with Tyron Woodley, he did admit that working with Till has provided a few surprises.

“He is really a unique individual,” Gallagher explained. “He’s a lanky guy, just has a strange anatomy. His body doesn’t respond to certain things the way I expected it to, so I have made adjustments along the way. But he’s in a very good place mentally.”

“He does have moods like anyone else, but if he doesn’t want you to do something he’s going to let you know,” Gallagher added. “There are times where he’s like, why do I have to do that? It can be difficult if you don’t have thick skin. But it’s a lot better than someone who will just go along with things, and then not tell you that they don’t understand something. It can be a bit abrasive, but in my opinion it’s better than somebody who balls up and doesn’t tell you anything.

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 9/6/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM