Is the UFC cursed in 2016? These alarming stats suggest it might be.

By Tom Taylor - November 25, 2016

The injury bug…It’s the sworn enemy of the UFC’s matchmaking team, and the scourge of fight fans everywhere. This voracious pest seems to rob us of an anticipated matchup at least once a week, and today, the trend continued.

Daniel Cormier

This time, the injury bug scuttled through our nets to take a massive chomp out of the UFC 206 lineup, as light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was forced out of his main event showdown with top contender Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

The news of Cormier’s withdrawal from the bout drew the ire of fight fans the world over. Faces fell into palms. Curse words were were uttered. Tears were shed. Really, though, it’s surprising fighter injuries generate any response from fans at all anymore. Given how often they occur, you think we’d be well and truly numb to them by this point.

The latest Tweets from MMA’s resident stats specialist Mike Bohn give a sense of just how often injuries hamper our expectations. See for yourself:

With Cormier’s withdrawal from UFC 206, Bohn explains, 33 main or co-main events have been altered in 2016 alone.

Bohn went on to explain that Cormier’s track record when it comes to showing up for fights is not especially good.

Finally, Bohn offered up a statistic that is bound to have Canadian fans drowning their sorrows in maple syrup and Alexander Keith’s.

Of the 12 UFC pay-per-view events that occured in Canada, Bohn explains, only four have gone ahead with their originally planned main events.

These alarming statistics give the impression that the UFC is cursed – or that it has been throughout the year 2016, at least. Then again, while the injury bug has been absolutely relentless in 2016, the year has also provided us with some truly unforgettable moments, many of which stemmed from fighter injuries.

Were it not for a foot injury sustained by Rafael Dos Anjos, for example, we likely never would have gotten Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz’s two unforgettable battles. Were it not for an injury sustained by Chris Weidman, Michael Bisping probably never would have won the UFC middleweight title from Luke Rockhold. The list goes on an on!

What do you think of these wild statistics from Mike Bohn? Sound off, PENN Nation!


Daniel Cormier