Daniel Cormier Responds to Haters With His Own Crying Photo

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier has had his fair share of trials and tribulations. During a career of fighting between two weight classes, Jon Jones is the only man to ever beat him. The first time, he cried in the arms of Cain Velasquez. The second time, he wept openly in the Octagon. On top of all of that, the light heavyweight belt has been stripped from Jones’ waist twice and given back to Cormier. Those are things that some people on the internet just can’t let go despite it being no fault on DC’s part. The trolling doesn’t bother Daniel Cormier though, who responded to it all yesterday with a crying photo of his own.

“People putting the photo of me crying don’t realize it’s okay lol. I been doing this crying since I was a kid lol. Here’s another one for y’all this is me crying on the awards stand at the junior nationals after losing in the finals. What can I say. I hate losing.” — Daniel Cormier via his official Instagram.

“People think it bothers me when they show that video of me after the fight, when I cried. That’s what some of those professional wrestling people did. That doesn’t bother me. I’ve used this GIF myself. I’m not above making fun of Daniel Cormier. I’m not above making fun of myself, and I think guys can’t take themselves too seriously. And I think that’s why I get text messages from [UFC president] Dana White and the other bosses in the middle of the broadcast telling me that I’m doing a good job.” — Daniel Cormier speaking to MMA Junkie Radio.

When being a top five undefeated heavyweight and the second best light heavyweight in history isn’t enough to earn respect, not to mention being a stand-up dude, you got to just either let it go or roll with the punches. Daniel Cormier seems to do a pretty damn good job of rolling with the punches. You hear that haters? You’re going to have to think up new ways to try and torture your UFC light heavyweight champion.

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 12/23/2017.


This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM