Daniel Cormier agrees to fight Jimi Manuwa during heated twitter beef

Jimi Manuwa Daniel Cormier

There’s a UFC light heavyweight title fight brewing between the champion, Daniel Cormier and Jimi Manuwa, the current #3 UFC ranked fighter at 205-pounds.

Cormier and Manuwa went at it on Twitter on Monday in another battle of words.

Manuwa: @dc_mma take the fight Daniel.

Cormier: I did. I’ll smash u any day bum! U will get embarrassed. U and I both know it. Now u get what u asked for. U won’t last a round.

Manuwa: After all that barking @dc_mma trying to duck the fight?

Cormier: Have u lost ur mind. I was working last weekend. But immediately said yes jimi can get it. Ur a bum! U won’t see the 2nd round

Manuwa: He has to think twice!!

Cormier: Wow I get on here and ur yapping ur mouth this morning. Let’s make a deal. No wrestling , no kicking. I’ll beat u str8 boxing chump!

Maybe I’ll do this to you jimi. Good morning haha

@POSTERBOYJM likes to take naps in the octagon lol

Manuwa: Sign the deal CHAMP !!!! stop all your commentator WWE shit. U trying to catch jones rusty. I give u 2 rounds with that big head.

Cormier: I’m not trying to catch anything. Let’s go! I wanna fight you! Jones needs to get his sea legs back. Where’s the contract. This light work

Manuwa: U will never box with me Daniel. U got 1 way u think u will beat me. I will ko u Daniel.

Jimi Manuwa

Cormier: Actually there are many ways to beat you. I can do it however I want. U know that. I’ll fight you. I’ll give u ur moment in the sun.

Manuwa: I don’t need or want fame. The belt too small for ur waist. I’ll make it look good with my Gucci don’t worry. The belt is what I want!! ☝🏾

What are your thoughts on a UFC light heavyweight title fight between the champion Daniel Cormier and challenger Jimi Manuwa? Let’s get your prediction on the potential matchup in the comment section!

Daniel Cormier

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 4/17/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM