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Kayla Harrison attempts to lure Cris Cyborg into accepting a fight with winner take all offer

Kayla Harrison is attempting to lure Cris Cyborg into accepting a fight with a winner take all offer.

Harrison, is hungry, hungry to fight Cris Cyborg and claim another PFL title this year. The two time champ is ready to fight reigning Bellator featherweight champ Cris Cyborg.

Cyborg is currently headed to the squared circle against Simone Silva on Sept. 25 of this year, and Harrison took to social media calling out the Brazilian.

The PFL standout took to ‘Twitter‘ where a conversation developed between the two:


“Oh the irony.”


“What Irony? Your own manager said you can’t sell a PPV…if that isn’t a red flag.”

Harrison tweets continued:

“Then come take the money and find out. Winner can take all. @PPLMMA @DonDavis PPL”

“On second thought, u can have my purse if U win. Keep yours when you lose b/c you’re gonna need it.”

“And I’ll agree to full usada drug testing and u can juice to the gills. The only thing I ask for is elbows on the ground to be legal.”

Apparently the final tweet came from Cyborg:

“@criscyborg blocked you”

Harrison, also appeared on the ‘MMA Hour’ and had this to say about a match-up with Cyborg:

“We can do winner takes all, or we can do when she loses, she gets to keep her purse. If she needs help getting the deal signed, I will call (PFL executives) and ask them, whatever price she wants. I will speak to them on her behalf.”

“I’ll go through a full (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) drug testing. I will be drug tested every day from now until the fight. And she doesn’t have to be drug tested at all.”

Harrison was acknowledging Cyborg’s positive drug test for steroids that resulted in a one-year suspension in 2012.

Continuing Harrison concluded with:

“The only think I ask is that they allow elbows. So I can put one through her skull.”

Kayla Harrison is currently scheduled to fight Martina Jindrová on Aug. 20 in the PFL 2022 Playoffs.

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