Francis Ngannou Hits Nearly 4 Times Harder Than Conor McGregor

Francis Ngannou

If you didn’t catch the video when it first came out, by now you’ve probably heard the stat during the promotional whirlwind for UFC 220. Francis Ngannou has the record for the hardest punch in the world. Ngannou rocketed his huge fist into the high-tech padding and it spit out a huge number 129,161 units. With nothing to compare it to besides kickboxer Tyrone Sprong’s 114,000 units, we could only trust that wow, that’s powerful. But thanks to some research compiled by R/MMA user newbiedoobiedooo, we have some numbers that can put Francis Ngannou’s power in perspective.

Franics Ngannou’s Punch Has the Strength Of: 

8.5 longhorn sheep

26 typical, untrained adult punches

13 typical, adult male Karate blackbelts

3 baseball bat hits wielded by a 200 lb men

17 of the best recorded adult male headbutts

3.5 Conor McGregor jabs (which was measured at 38,072 units)

1.3 Luke Rockhold right crosses (which was measured at 99,637 units)

2 Conor McGregor spinning back kicks (which was measured at 62,347 units)

Of course, all these number comparisons are just fun, but if we take the other read-outs from the machine as fact then that math is pretty interesting: Francis Ngannou’s uppercut nearly hits four times harder than Conor McGregor’s jab, 30-percent harder than Luke Rockhold’s hardest punch, and has more power than a small herd of sheep. If you want more testimonials and stats on Ngannou’s power, you’l find it down below before we see it in action tonight at UFC 220.

“The hardest I’ve ever been hit in the gym — what’s that beast’s name from France? [Francis Ngannou] came and trained with us and the first day we trained together — I think I was getting ready for [Daniel Cormier]. We were sparring and I hit him one time and I thought I was out of the way. Hey, that buddy can hit. I respected him before, I respected him more after the hit. He hit me square in my nose, I’m glad it didn’t break, but he really did hit me hard. That’s when I was like, ok, if this guy is hitting me hard and I’m saying, ‘Wow’, then everybody else in the heavyweight division — they have four-ounce gloves on—and they’re getting hit with those. He’s crackin’ people.”Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson speaking to media about Francis Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou

This article first appeared on on 1/20/2018.

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