Bethe Correia discusses UFC 227 exit, calls it the most difficult situation of her career

By Tom Taylor - August 2, 2018

Former UFC bantamweight title challenger Bethe Correia was supposed to battle Irene Aldana at UFC 227 in Los Angeles, California this Saturday. Unfortunately, the California State Athletic Commission announced that Correia’s vision wasn’t on point, which prompted the UFC to remove her from the matchup as a precaution. Even though she was cleared by multiple doctors.

Bethe Correia, UFC 250

Speaking in a Wednesday Instagram post, Correia explained her withdrawal from UFC 227. Suffice it to say that she’s disappointed.

“This isn’t the post I’d love to be posting, instead I’d like to be posting that I’ll be fighting on Saturday, with the thrill and adrenaline of the fight, feeling my arms getting up,” Correia said in her post (via MMA Fighting). “This is a picture I took last night in my last training, with only 4kg [8.8 pounds] left to lose until Friday.

I traveled to Los Angeles for the UFC with great excitement and as I hadn’t been fighting for more than a year, I did everything in the highest discipline so that nothing could go wrong, I was feeling more prepared than ever with new fighting repertoires and physically stronger.

However, I was surprised by the California Athletic Commission, stating that I couldn’t fight on Saturday because of vision problems. I came aware of my eyes issues. I went through several ophthalmologists part of the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology. I took care of my health and my eye integrity, even being released by the doctors before the trip.

I have current reports from three doctors who have been following me since the beginning, reporting that I am released to fight. I acted with dignity! I’ve been, and I’m loyal! I’m fully aware that I can train and compete!

Retinal displacement is a common problem in a contact sport, and many fighters have had it, that is so true that in my last five MMA fights, I had already undergone retinal detachment surgery, including the one against Ronda competing for the world title in 2015. I’ve never been rejected by any commission, and I’ve fought in several different countries with the same problem, only here in California ‘the land of the dreams’ they destroyed mine to make my triumphant comeback this Saturday.

I thank the UFC for giving me always challenges and better fights, I just want to say that I’m ready! Trained, focused, strong, in the right weight to any fight and to any event they choose. It was 4 months of camp, preparing myself, training, sweating, bearing high expenses and it hurts too much, with only four [days] left for the big day, receiving this news, preventing me from fighting, even though I feel so well, so prepared. I apologize to everyone for the words, but this situation, in my whole career, is being the most difficult one.”

Do you think the UFC made the right choice removing Bethe Correia from the UFC 227 bill?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 8/2/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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