Dillon Danis gets bullied child into BJJ, plots non-profit organization

Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis is helping a bullied teen by paying for his martial arts training. The news came after a video surfaced online of the boy being attacked at his school in Baltimore. He was pummelled by multiple students but amazingly he managed to stay on his feet and endure the attack.

Like anyone watching the clip, the Bellator fighter was shocked and saddened by the attack. He shared it online and commented,

“These videos break my heart, nobody should have to go through this.

“If anyone knows how to contact him I wanna get him into martial arts immediately.”

Some fans posted the boy’s identity in the Twitter thread. Danis was able to track him down and told him:

“I will pay for a membership to the closest jiu-jitsu gym nearest to you if you are interested.”

The boy was taken back by Danis reaching out but ultimately took him up on the offer. He now has a membership at a Baltimore jiu-jitsu centre owned by one of Dillon Danis’ acquaintances.

Danis, a Conor McGregor teammate, posted a positive update on Twitter.

Many MMA fighters start training in childhood and have often been the victim of bullying. Georges St Pierre was frequently bullied at school. Other children would steal his money and clothes. Eventually, he took up martial arts to defend himself against a school bully and never looked back.

Helping out the youth has inspired Danis. On Twitter, he revealed his plans to start a non-profit organization.

His acts of kindness haven’t gone unnoticed. The 26-year old received an overwhelmingly positive response on Twitter, and many people posted there support for the bullied teen. Danis’ coach and Big John McCarthy praised the fighter.

Dillon Danis’ move could inspire the next generation of MMA athletes. Who knows, maybe we’re looking at Baltimore’s version of Georges St Pierre!

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