Cat Zingano suing Halle Berry after being snubbed of promised role in her new movie “Bruised”

By Joe McDonagh - August 17, 2021

Bellator contender Cat Zingano was all but set to be part of a MMA film starring Halle Berry “Bruised”, but interesting events led to her suing of the actress.

Cat Zingano

Zingano, according to TMZ, was promised a prominent role in the film by Berry while under contract with the UFC. It was when “Alpha” was offered a UFC fight that she had a difficult decision to make, fight for the promotion or sit on the sidelines prioritizing the movie role. This decision would crazily enough prove costly for the now Bellator fighter.

Cat Zingano

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Opting to put the movie first, Zingano declined the fight offer. She would later be released by the UFC. Being released by the MMA world’s major organization would cost her the movie role as well. Zingano claims that she declined the fight offer, based off of promises from the major actress.

“In the docs, Cat claims she talked to Halle about the fight offer and claims Halle advised she pass on the fight if she wanted to be in the film, citing liability concerns from the movie’s insurer,” stated in the TMZ article.

Cat Zingano has now issued a lawsuit against Halle Berry, claiming the snubbing of the movie was damaging and that Zingano and family had relied on Berry’s broken promises. “Alpha” is 2-0 under contract with Bellator MMA, another major promotion in the sport, since her release from the UFC.

According to Bellator boss Scott Coker, Cat Zingano could be next in line for reigning featherweight champion Cris Cyborg.

“That’s one of the reasons we brought Cat here, is that she has a victory over Amanda Nunes. This is something that I think she came here to fight Cyborg. She’s had a couple fights, and she feels pretty good about it. Will we do that fight next? I’m not sure, but we’ll definitely have a conversation next week with everybody.” – Scott Coker said following Bellator 259.


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