Bouncer who choked out Dillon Danis explains what led to Bellator fighters arrest

Dillon Danis, Choked
Dillon Danis choked by security

The bouncer who was seen choking Dillon Danis on video has explained what led to the Bellator fighters recent arrest.

On Monday afternoon video surfaced (see that here) showing ‘El Jefe’ struggling with police officers before eventually being taken into custody. Prior to being detained, Danis was seen being choked by a security guard.

That bouncers name is Chance, 23, who has held the occupation for two years. He explained his altercation with Dillon Danis during an interview on the “Call Me Al Show” with Al Iaquinta (via MMAJunkie):

“I’m like, ‘Sorry, bro, you’re not getting in. I need an ID.’ And then he says, ‘Oh, you don’t know who I am?’” Chance recalled. “And I was like, ‘Sorry, dude, I don’t know who you are. I need an ID.’ So then he Googles himself and shows me the Google page, and I’m like, ‘That’s not an ID, bro. I need a driver’s license, passport, something so I know how old you are.’ After that he started getting a little agitated or whatever that I didn’t know who he was and stuff.”

Dillon Danis, Arrested, Bellator
Dillon Danis Arrested

According to Chance, another bouncer came to assist with the situation and proceeded to reiterate that Dillon Danis would require a valid ID or be forced to leave the property. That is when things took a turn for the worse.

“That’s when (Danis) is like, ‘Don’t touch me, don’t touch me,’ blah, blah,” Chance said. “While they’re having their whole conversation, I walk behind these guys. And that’s when Dillon tried to throw a punch. It wasn’t a great punch. He tried throwing a punch, missed it, and that’s when I grabbed him by his neck, pulled him down.”

The bouncer concluded with the following information regarding his altercation with Dillon Danis:

“Usually whenever I do that, I’m legitimately choking you out for a second or two until you realize the situation you’re in. In the video, you see him tap and everything, and I was like, ‘You all right, man? You good?’ And he gives me like a little thumbs up, so I just bear-hugged him a little bit until the cops got everybody else under control and could give me a hand.”


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