Al Iaquinta pursuing real estate career after UFC 205 fallout with UFC

By bjpenndotcom - September 19, 2016

Long Island native Al Iaquinta has dreamed of fighting at Madison Square Garden ever since he became a professional mixed martial artist, but it appears ‘Ragin’ Al won’t be fighting Thiago Alves at UFC 205 as originally thought.

Al Iaquinta

Iaquinta explained the situation on Monday’s edition of ‘The MMA Hour’, where he dropped two key pieces of information; the first was that the money wasn’t right for him to compete at UFC 205, and the second being he’s now pursing a career in real estate, and actually just recently received his license to do so.

“I asked for more money. I talked to my manager and said I don’t see a possibility of fighting for this kind of money and risk my health and everything that you risk when you go into a cage fight.”

“I never signed the bout agreement. At first, I was like ‘oh man Madison Square Garden, this is so cool’. You know how many people at Madison Square Garden would recognize me? To fight at MSG and these people see me driving around in a 2005 Nissan, like ‘dude you just fought at Madison Square Garden, what are you doing driving this car?’ It’s embarrassing. I don’t live a crazy lifestyle. I have a modest house in Long Island, that’s basically all I spent my money on. I haven’t gone on vacation in years. I’m pretty good about saving money.”

Al Iaquinta Wins

Iaquinta said during Monday’s edition of ‘The MMA Hour’ that he is now pursing a career in real estate while he sorts out his situation with the UFC.

“When I purchased my house, I had a lot of fun. There’s money to be made, it’s a good opportunity to make money. I enjoyed the process of buying my own house, and through getting my real estate license, I got a mentor who actually trains at Serra’s gym who flips houses across the country. So I’m getting into the real estate industry.”

al iaquinta

According to ‘Ragin’ Al, there is more money to be made in real estate now than in professional fighting. The lightweight contender sounded off on the Reebok deal and injuries during his ‘MMA Hour’ segment, implying that with his current contract, he wouldn’t make money unless he wins.

“A lot of things have changed since I signed (my UFC) contract. Financially, I cannot fight for this purse. If I win the fight, they take taxes out and I pay my managers and trainers, I’ll make okay money. But if I lose, I basically fight at Madison Square Garden for free. It’s just unreasonable. There was no consideration for negotiation (with the UFC) whatsoever.”

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