Tyson Fury reveals why there isn’t a rematch clause for his fight against Francis Ngannou

By Cole Shelton - October 25, 2023

Tyson Fury doesn’t have a rematch clause in the contract for his bout against Francis Ngannou on Saturday.

Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou

Fury and Ngannou are set to box on Saturday in Saudi Arabia in a very intriguing bout. ‘The Gypsy King’ enters the fight as a massive betting favorite, as many expect him to be too much for Ngannou. However, the former UFC heavyweight champion has been vocal with his confidence that he can KO Fury.

If Ngannou does shock the world and knock out Tyson Fury, the boxing world champion says there is no rematch clause in the contract and it would be up to Ngannou if he would take a rematch.

“As we stand today, there is no rematch clause either way. If he knocks me out cold on Saturday night, I’ll have to beg him, like please give me a rematch,” Tyson Fury said on The MMA Hour.

A big reason why Tyson Fury doesn’t like rematch clauses is he feels like it takes away from the first fight. He believes if everyone knows the loser will trigger a rematch clause, then no one will tune into the first fight. He also says the rematch clause is why the Oleksandr Usyk fight hasn’t happened sooner.

“I hate rematch clauses, rematch clauses have tied my career up so long, and cost me a lot of millions of dollars in court cases. I always say we don’t need a rematch (clause). If the first fight is good then both participants will surely want a rematch. If it’s a shit fight, then it’s not deserving of a rematch,” Tyson Fury said. “So, I hate when champions do this rematch clause, obviously, I know why, it’s a double payday. But, they go into the first fight and they already announce there is a rematch clause, so it takes all the emphasis off the first fight, no one cares about the first fight. There’s a rematch clause anyway, let’s see who wins the second fight, that’s the one that really counts.”

Tyson Fury enters his fight with Francis Ngannou with a 33-0-1 record and coming off a TKO win over Derek Chisora last December.


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