Tyson Fury will make crossover to MMA after boxing career, says father

Tyson Fury, Conor McGregor, UFC
Image: Tyson Fury on Instagram

Heavyweight boxing superstar Tyson Fury will make the crossover to MMA after his boxing career is over, says his father John Fury.

The 33-year-old Fury is undefeated in pro boxing with a 30-0-1 record. His next opponent will be rival Deontay Wilder, in a trilogy bout that was recently postponed due to COVID-19 issues. Either way, there are still big fights left for Fury in boxing, including a fight against Anthony Joshua, but he is always thinking about the next step, and it could involve MMA.

Speaking to Dan Hardy of JOE, Fury’s father John was asked about how his son would fare in MMA. As far as the elder Fury is concerned, his son would do very well in mixed martial arts, pointing out the recent training sessions that he had with Darren Till as evidence that he is a quick learner in the game. His father seems convinced he will one day fight in MMA.

“With the right training, he does very well. I’ve seen him excel in different sports, wrestling. I’ve got some sort of an idea what Tyson was from that. And he likes to get involved, Tyson, and I know what he’s like from being a kid. He can use more than his hands, believe it or not. And he’s quick and light on his feet. And his balance is good. And I do believe if a top MMA trainer took him on, he could do big things with him. Ask Darren Till, he’s done the work with him,” John Fury said (via MMA Mania).

“He’s got a good forearm smash and all that kind of thing. The knees go up, the head goes in, the elbows. I’ve seen him do it out of boxing, see. I’ve seen him fighting outside, this that and the other. I know what he’s capable of, and with the right training, yes he could do that. I think the rougher it gets for Tyson the better he likes it. It brings what we call something different to his job, doesn’t it? It gives him more goals to achieve and more things to look at and address. And I think that’s what Tyson wants. And when he does finally retire from boxing, he’ll probably go to that and probably come back to boxing, whatever he does. But he will engage on that, you’ll see.”

Do you think Tyson Fury will have a successful MMA career if he decides to make the crossover from boxing?

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