Photos | Ben Askren reveals “boxer or pimp” walkout robe for Jake Paul boxing match


Former UFC fighter-turned-boxer Ben Askren has revealed what his walkout robe will look like this Saturday for the Jake Paul boxing match.

Askren makes the walk to the boxing ring for the first time this weekend when he takes on Paul in the main event of a blockbuster pay-per-view event promoted by Triller. For Askren, he’s guaranteed a seven-figure payday to take on Paul, who in his last fight for Triller brutally knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson. Askren vs. Paul promises to be one of the biggest boxing matches of the year based on name value alone, and lots of eyes will be on them. So of course, the fighters want to look good during their walkout.

Taking to his social media just days ahead of the fight, Askren showed off the new robe that his sponsor Coinflip made for him. Check out Askren’s sweet threads below.

Boxer or Pimp??? @coinflipatm you guys rock.

Taking this wonderful lady to our 11 year anniversary, should I wear this robe?

MMA fighters typically don’t walk out in a robe, so Askren has never really had the opportunity to wear one for one of his fights before. But it looks like his sponsor has made him a really cool outfit for the Paul fight, and he’ll be walking to ring in it on Saturday.

Of course, it’s just a robe and it’s not like it’s going to give him any extra special powers in the fight with Paul. For Askren to win this fight, he’s going to have to do his best to evade Paul’s power shots, tire him out, and take the youngster into deeper waters. Say what you want about these guys, but they have done a very good job of promoting this fight.

Do you think Ben Askren can beat Jake Paul in boxing?

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