Michael Bisping confirms seriousness in facing Jake Paul: “I don’t see him as a threat”

Michael Bisping, Jake Paul

Michael Bisping has confirmed that he has a serious interest in facing Jake Paul in boxing.

The former UFC middleweight champion retired from MMA in 2018 due to eye issues. He later revealed that he’s entirely blind in one eye, and later had issues in his other one. The latter of which forced him to hang up the gloves.

Despite his retirement, he’s been a rumored opponent of Jake Paul for over a year now. ‘The Count’ confirmed that he’s previously been offered a deal to fight ‘The Problem Child’, but turned it down.

Well, it appears that there’s still interest from both sides in fighting. Paul and Bisping have been going back and forth on social media regarding a possible fight for a few days now. On his YouTube channel, the former UFC champion confirmed that he has a serious interest in facing the YouTuber.

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Granted, Bisping is aware that he won’t get cleared. However, the British star offers the idea that they fight in alternative countries with relaxed commissions to avoid the issues of getting cleared.


“So, do I want to fight Jake Paul? Listen, here’s the thing, I had a great career. I’m very happy with what I accomplished. I’m happily retired, I’m very, very happily retired. But I do miss the thrill of competition. I don’t see Jake Paul as necessarily a threat. I retired from fighting because I only had one eye and I didn’t want to risk my other eye. In boxing, bigger gloves, against Jake Paul, again, I don’t really see him as a threat. So Jake Paul, beating you up sounds like fun.”

Bisping continued, “The only thing is, I won’t get sanctioned. I doubt one of the athletic commissions would let me right now because I used to lie about my eye, but now the secret’s out. The cat’s out of the bag. But there are lots of places where they will not care, lot’s of places where they don’t give a sh*t. What about Dubai? Dubai seems to be hosting a lot of fights. Let’s go to Dubai. What about an Indian Reservation? No problem there.”

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