KSI reacts to Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather: “So…You’re saying I’m now the best boxer in the world?”


YouTuber KSI reacted to the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match, suggesting that boxing math means he’s the best boxer in the world.

KSI and Paul previously fought twice in boxing. The first time they met was in a white-collar boxing match in August 2018, with the fight being scored a majority draw after two of the ringside judges scored it a tie and one had it for KSI. The two then rematched in a professional boxing match in November 2019, with this time KSI taking home the win by split decision. Although Paul is still adamant to this day that he did enough to defeat KSI in their rematch, the judges scored it for KSI, and his pro boxing record still stands at 1-0.

On Sunday night, Paul and Mayweather boxed for eight rounds in an exhibition boxing match that was widely panned by fellow fighters as a glorified sparring session. It’s also fair to say that Mayweather didn’t do as well in the fight as so many fans think that he should have got the KO, and yet he went the full 24 minutes with Paul, instead. Overall, a lot of people are treating this as a loss for Mayweather despite the fact that it was an exhibition fight. But the fact he couldn’t knock out a YouTuber is a loss in the eyes of the public.

That’s why KSI is making the joke now that he’s the best boxer in the world. Since he has the win over Paul, and Paul is convinced that he beat Mayweather, boxing math would mean KSI is the best boxer in the world. Of course, we all know that’s not the case, but the fact that KSI is speaking up again could indicate he’s willing to step back into the ring.

So…You’re saying I’m now the best boxer in the world?

Do you think we will see the trilogy fight between KSI and Logan Paul one day?

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