VIDEO | How to throw a KO punch with a prime Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was one of the scariest punchers we’ve seen in the boxing ring. His speed and power were freakish, which made him a big success in the ring.

Here, we take a look at Larry Merchant and “Iron” Mike talking back in the day about the art of the knockout punch, which Tyson was so well known for.

In the video, Tyson says that you don’t have to be a big man to land the KO shot. Tyson explains that quickness, leverage in the shoulder snap when throwing the punch, and throwing punches that your opponent can’t see are all factors. Tyson adds that throwing combinations help to lead up to the KO shot, sometimes with just one single punch leading up to the KO.

As you can see from the video, Mike Tyson not only talked the talk but walked the walk as well!

This article first appeared on on 6/20/2017.

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