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MUST SEE! Dana White baffled with Jon Jones’ statement that the UFC knew Vitor Belfort was on steroids


A recent in-depth interview with Jon Jones covered a wide variety of topics with the former UFC light heavyweight champion that has sparked a lot of debates. From his admitted drug addiction and love of partying and now living a sober life, to his claim that the UFC knew Vitor Belfort was on steroids ahead of their fight at UFC 152.

It looks as if not everyone in the world of MMA caught Jones’ interview just yet.

UFC President Dana White was a guest on “Off the Record” and was asked by host Michael Landsberg about Jones’ claim about the UFC knowing of Belfort’s steroid use going into UFC 152.

Via Bloody Elbow:

White: “Jones said that?”

Landsberg: “Yeah, he did.”

White: “How would Jones know that?”

Landsberg: “I don’t know. I guess the first question is ‘Is it true? Did you know beforehand that Belfort was going to fail a test?’

White: “No, we didn’t know that. Was Jon Jones in our offices? Listen, Jon Jones is somebody who shouldn’t be talking about other people’s tests and what they’re doing.”

Landsberg: “That’s a good point.”

Who’s side of the story are you going with? Jon Jones or Dana White?

Explain your reasoning in the comment section below.

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