Video | MMA fighter gets KO’d by his opponent and then choked out by the referee


During a recent fight believed to have taken place in Russia, an MMA fighter got KO’d by his opponent and then choked out by the referee.

There isn’t a ton of information available on the incident, which has become a viral video on the internet, but it’s an ugly one. During a recent MMA fight that allegedly took place in Russia involving unknown fighters, a fighter was brutally knocked out. When the referee went to stop the fight, the dazed fighter began to grapple with the referee, which is not uncommon in instances where a fighter is knocked out cold as we’ve seen this happen in the UFC before. However, in this case, the referee was not able to get the fighter off of him and instead resort to putting the already-KO’d fighter into a standing guillotine choke.

Again, we have seen instances at the highest level of MMA where a fighter is knocked out and then wakes up and starts to grapple with the referees, but the officials are not allowed to try and submit the fighter. In this case, the referee took the unnecessary step of putting the KO’d fighter into a standing guillotine choke, a move that was extremely dangerous.

Legendary MMA official John McCarthy later chimed in on what happened in the video and he condemned the referee for trying to hurt the fighter.

He gets no shout out other than “Sir you are a Douche Bag” choking an already KO’d fighter… wow how tough you are. Then the sh*t eating grin as you walk away, shame on you. Every referee who has worked over 100 fights has had a hurt fighter go after them, & they don’t do this

1/2 Everyone who is anyone in the refereeing world of MMA has had a fighter attempt to continue fighting “them” after the fight has been called because the fighter went out & has no idea the fight is over. You as the referee are there to protect the fighter, not attack them

2/2 There is a huge difference between grabbing a fighter and controlling someone who is just on autopilot, and squeezing as hard as you can in an attempt to render then unconscious. This instance was uncalled for and super unnecessary….Shame on him

We shall see if this particular MMA referee faces sanctions for what was an ugly incident.

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