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VIDEO | Christy Mack testifies at War Machine trial, disturbing 911 call is shared


There is no uglier story in mixed martial arts today than the ongoing story of reviled MMA veteran “War Machine” (born Jonathan Koppenhaver), who brutalized his ex girlfriend Christy Mack (born Christine Mackinday) to the point of hospitalization back in August of 2014. During this attack, War Machine also assaulted Mack’s then boyfriend, Corey Thomas.

The UFC and Bellator veteran, whose past is scarred by numerous encounters with the law, is currently undergoing trial for this horrifying incident. He is facing a whopping 34 charges, which include such grizzly offences as attempted murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

As this trial unfurls, footage of it is gradually leaking onto the Internet. Perhaps the most disturbing bit of footage yet comes from day three of the trial, during which Mack appeared in court to testify, just feet away from her attacker.

Mack’s account of this horrifying 2014 attack is bone-chilling, as she details not only her own experience, but War Machine’s attack on Thomas. Audio of Mack’s 9-1-1 call, which is little more than her terrified screams and her pleading with War Machine to stop attacking Thomas, is also included in this video.

“Jon was beating Corey, and then at some point he began choking him,” Mack said of what was occurring during this chilling 9-1-1 call. 

“Yes I did,” she continued, when asked if she believed War Machine was going to kill Thomas. 

“Eventually he just stopped,” she added, detailing the end of War Machine’s attack on Thomas. “He let him go. It looked like they were both just tired. And then he sat him down, and Corey asked him what his end-game was, and he said basically that he was going to let him go, but that if he told anyone or called the cops he was going to send his friends after him.”

After War Machine’s attack on Thomas, which lasted about 10 minutes, it is said that he attacked Mack for more than two hours. According to the Review Journal, she suffered a “blowout fracture of her left eye and several other broken bones in her face, two missing teeth, a lacerated liver, broken ribs and serious bruising in several places.”

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 3/9/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM